Creating space for God- Gideon part 8

Text: Judges 6:17-24

Series: Gideon


We all desire to hear from God.


Gideon likely never thought to hear from the God of his forefathers outside of the tabernacle. Gideon, at the same time, was angry and frustrated with why had God let so much suffering happen in the life of his community.


He still wanted to hear from God, even though he was convinced God had left him. He was struggling with confidence in himself and God.


In our passage, Gideon ends up building two altars to God. The idea of an altar may seem strange and what takes place in these moments may seem strange. However, altars are a place to worship and hear from God.


In verse 17 Gideon is still not sure if it is God, so he asks God to wait so he can build an altar. The world view was he brings an offering to the Lord and if it is accepted by God it is a sign for Gideon that God is with him.


Gideon brings an offering and God accepts his worship. In this moment, Gideon is taking steps away from fear and into faith. In this moment, Gideon understands now he has been meeting with the Sovereign LORD. In this moment, God shares with Gideon “do not fear,” and gives him peace.


We are nothing without the presence of God, and nothing is more important than experiencing the glory of God.

Altars are found throughout the Old Testament and New Testament. In the New Testament, it is less about a physical structure and more about pausing in a certain space.

Altars serve as a place to meet with God, a time where we focus ourself to hear from God. Alters serve a number of purposes, from worship, acts of repentance, the witness of God’s work, as well as places to be still and know God.


If we do not build altars to meet with God, he cannot honour us with his fire (presence).


If we want God to lead and speak in our life, are we creating space to hear from him? Are we using the lens of scripture to view life circumstances? The building of the altar is a metaphor for creating space to worship and hear from God.


The image of an altar has been helpful in my journey with Jesus. I understand some may struggle with this image, but it is a place, a moment to meet with God. Yes, God is with me wherever I go. Yes, I can speak with him throughout the rhythms of life and we need to. Yes, there may not be some major revelation or signs and wonders every time, but there does not need to be.


We are like an engine piston. As it goes up it takes in oxygen and gas. Then it compresses it. The altar moment is a time where we are taking the gospel in and letting the spirit compress it, then in the Spirit’s timing, he ignites us and power comes. From there we go and engage the world.


We are nothing without the presence of God, and nothing is more important than experiencing the glory of God.


How are you in creating space to meet with God? Where can you do that this week?