Entering The Story of God – Gideon-Part 7

Text: Judges 6:15-16

Series: Gideon

When we understand that God has sent us out to be part of his work we may ask a similar question that Gideon did. In Judges 6:15-16, looking God in the face, Gideon points out how he is the weakest and lacks experience.

“But Lord, Gideon asked, “How can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the lest in my family”

This question from Gideon enters into the conversation when God is revealing to Gideon a mission he is sending Gideon on.  The mission consists of Gideon calling his people back to him and dealing with some international relationships and the problem of sin.


As Jesus followers, we are all ambassadors of Christ. We are called to join God’s work in this world.  How that looks is different for every one of us.  However, the excuses are as old as Gideon.  Actually, you can even go back to the great Moses as he had the same reason why God should not use him.


Gideon is just honest with God.  Gideon shares , “God I am the weakest among my people. ”


Gideon’s statement that he is the weakest is a loaded statement. He shares he does not have enough power, skill, influence or control over the situation. By saying this, he is in essence saying, God I know better than you do.


It is funny how our understanding of success does not always align with who God is or how God sees life.  It is in some of the messiest situations that God works.  This means God is at work in our life, your life. It is in you and through you God chooses to work and reveal himself to the world.


God’s response to Gideon is simple:

“I will be with you, and you will…”


One of the big tensions in the story of Gideon is how God is not with him.  This is the third time God has reminded Gideon he is with him.


The implication because God is with us, we can go.  Because God is with us we can step out of fear and embrace faith.  Because God is with us we can step out of fear and the unknown and enter, and engage and experience the life we were created for.


God has not called us based on what we will do.  He has called us based upon who we are in him and who he is and for his glory.  God has called us based on how he see us and not how we see ourselves.


Are you letting the weakness and challenges you see in life stop you from moving forward?


If God is with you what difference does that make for you to move forward?


Gideon was challenged to put his faith in God.


Gideon was challenged to turn to this great God and enter the story of God.


It is there in the story of God that he will experience, enter and engage the story he was created for.


Take a moment and go back and read Judges 6:15-16.  What is your response to God as he invites you to join his work in this world?  What is God’s response to you?  Meditate upon that today.