How a Coach Can Help

There is something powerful that can happen in a guided conversation.  In my experience, often just having someone listen and help me talk through where I am and what I need to do is of great value.

carriageToday most often when we speak about coaches, we think about sports coaches.  Historically the word “coach” itself comes from a horse drawn vehicle.   Today, the concept has expanded to an understanding of a person who guides people from where they are to greater competence and the fulfillment they desire.  For me, as a coach, I bring to the table a spiritual component,  helping people not only reach what they desire, but helping them discover where God wants them to be.

A coach can help someone get unstuck in circumstances or seasons of life.  A coach can help you figure out where you are and how to get to where you need to go.  It really is the client that does most of the work, but the coach provides tools, often through the form of questions, to help an individual take steps to become unstuck.

Coaching can help with: ad for coaching 2015

  • building confidence
  • expanding one’s vision for the future
  • reaching an individual’s or organization’s dream
  • unlocking potential
  • increasing skills
  • moving through a transition
  • practical steps toward reaching goals

A coach does not address issues such as abuse, addiction, psychosis, or dysfunction.  It is for the relatively healthy individuals who want to address a current challenge of where they are at and how they are going to get to where they want to be . It is important for the client to want and be willing to change in order to get the most out of the experience.

Coaches will focus more on strengths and current situations and moving forward.  Coaching is a relationship that is client centered and goal directed.  Each situation is unique, but most coaches will look to what  the person wants to change, or areas they want to grow in. Many will work through the obstacles and create a plan to move forward, giving accountability along the journey.

A Coach is a partner that works to help you reach a goal.  A coach is an advocate for you; they are someone looking out for you. A coach is a cheerleader, helping you celebrate wins and cheering you on.  These are just a few ways a life coach can help you.

Below is a table to help understand the difference between coaching and other relationships.

Key Distinctions between Coaching and Other Relationships

Who is the Expert?

Assumptions About the Other Person

Purpose of Questions

What is the Outcome?


Person being coached

Healthy, ready to move forward

To promote discovery for the person being coached

New awareness and action



Pathology; has experienced a wound that continues to cause hurt

To provide a diagnosis and/or to better understand “why?”

Understanding and acceptance to promote healing



Experiencing circumstances similar to those previously faced by the mentor

The one being mentored asks questions to solicit advice and gather information

The one who is mentored resembles the mentor in knowledge and action



A follower of Christ who wants to learn and grow

Often scripted or planned in advance, aimed at learning from Scripture

A clearer understanding of Scripture and closer walk with God