My Top Three Books

My Top Three Books from 2016

I have found that reading is a great way to push myself and expand my thinking.  The best part about reading is that it stirs my thoughts and helps me think through situations or circumstances I find myself in.  It also has a way of relaxing and energizing me.


book 7Many may not call reading a spiritual discipline, but many times in my life it serves as a road to align my life with Jesus. It helps me connect with Jesus.

2016 was a year of transition for me and the first part of the year provided extra time for reading. As a whole, 2016 was a big year of reading for me.


My top three books this year had to be:

The Art of Being Broken by Aaron Mark Reimer

Discipleship Shift: Five Steps That Help Your Church to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples by Jim Putman

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero


Each book, in their various ways, helped me think deeper about my work and helped in understanding myself and others better.

Another book called Recovering the Scandal of the Cross, was in the running for top books for me this year as well and perhaps you could say it is number four. It has been a while since I’ve read a more direct theological book; it pushed me on how I communicate about Jesus, and to re-look at what the significance of Jesus’ death to our culture is.  I suspect I will come back to this book again as I wrestle with its topic.


The book I think that may take the number one spot for me this year is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.   I did a write up of my take away from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality here –


I meant to have written my takeaways for the book The Art of Being Broken, but never had the chance to.  I actually know the author, which is really cool.  The book came into my life in the beginning of 2016 and at the time, I needed its message.  There’s a good chance this is why it was in my top three. Maybe you need its message too.


I have also listed below other books I completed reading this year.  Perhaps there is one there for you in the year ahead.  Do you have any recommendations for me?

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The books I read in 2016


The art of Being Broken by Aaron Mark Reimer

Discipleship Shift: Five steps that Help your Church to make Disciples who make disciples by Jim putman and Bobby Harrington.

Emotionally healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

The Give to live: The freedom of being generous with your life  by Stan Toler

“Living Forward: A proven Plan to Stop Driving and Get the life you want” by Michael Hyatt, and Daniel Harkavy

Following the movements of the spirit. – spiritual formation by Henri Nouwen with Michael j. Christen and Rebecca J. Laird.

Glorious Mess: Encountering God’s Relentless Grace for Imperfect People by Mike Howerton

Thriving in Babylon: why Hope, Humility, and Wisdom matter in a Godless Culture” by Larry Osborne

Cracking your Church’s culture Code: Seven Keys to Unleashing Vision and Inspiration by Samuel R. Chand

4 keys to hearing God’s voice by Mark Virkler

The Subtle art of not giving a fuck by mark manson – I never did finish this one

The Road Back to you: An enneagram journey to self-discover by Ian Morgan Cron, Suzanne Stabile

The Power of Blessing by Kerry Kirkwood

The Jonah Complex: Rediscovering the Outrageous Grace of God by Greg Haslam – I did not read it all

Jesus speaks: Learning to recognize and respond to the LORD’s voice by Leonard Sweet, Frank Viola

Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: atonement in new testament and contemporary context by Mark d. baker and joel b. green