Gideon – Moving from fear to embracing Jesus

Part 1

Following Jesus involves moving from fear and being lost to embracing Jesus and wholeness.


foxFor many followers of Jesus, we wonder if Jesus is really with us. Gideon was no exception. He too wondered, just where is God? I was reading through the book of Judges and came across the story of Gideon. Like Gideon we wonder “is God really leading us?” and “can we trust him?”


Yet the scripture shares in Hebrews 12 that Gideon’s faith is one for us to learn from. Gideon’s story is found in the book of Judges, starting in chapter 6. There is much in the story of Gideon that can help us understand ourself and God.


As I read and reread the story of Gideon I kept wondering, what is it about his life–his faith–that convinced the author of Hebrews that there is an example for us to follow?


When we look at the whole story of Gideon we watch as God moves and calls him from fear to embrace faith. Gideon is constantly asking God to reveal himself again so that Gideon can know that God is with him. In God’s grace, he continues to remind Gideon who he is.


God speaks to Gideon, not as Gideon sees himself, but in a fashion of who he was created to be. Gideon is not defined by current circumstances. Gideon looks at his situation and wonders where is God? Fear is a driving force and there is tension in the journey of walking away from fear and embracing faith.


There is much we can learn from Gideon, but one overarching storyline is the call to leave fear, to leave the idols and embrace faith in God. The mess the people of Israel find themselves in comes as a result of not listening to God.


They failed to listen, they failed to remember who God is and what he has done. Because of this, they are driven to other things outside of God to find security, power, and hope. Fear becomes strong in their life. Yet God watches and waits for them to call out. As they live in their fear and rejection of him, they finally call out and grace is seen.


Gideon is taken on a journey of re-discovering who God is and comes to the point of realizing God is sufficient, God is life and he has nowhere else to turn. At that point, the leaving fear and embracing God and his promises, Gideon embarks on entering, engaging and experience the life he was created for.  Yet Gideon is not perfect which is why we can relate to him so much. His story does not even end well. In face he moves back into fear. However, the message is the same for us. Jesus waits for us to call out, and grace is given. He calls us to leave fear and embrace him.


Where are you needing to let go of fear and embrace who you are in Jesus?


Take time this week to listen to who God says you were created to be.